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Here are some of the features which make our Enterprise Search solution so effective:

  • User guidance in the search process
  • Terms reduced to basic form in index (particularly for complex language combining terms)
  • Synonyms
  • Information Extraction / Content Enrichment with quality meta-data
  • Facets / dynamically generated navigation elements
  • Alerting
  • Document based Similarity Search
  • Dynamic Clustering
  • Categorization
  • Typo correction
  • Security
  • Data Extractors: Internet, Database, File System
  • Internal Collaboratio


Knowledge workers are intelligently guided in their information access and retrieval processes.

Through the linguistic analysis of content and dynamic navigation elements, the user will not miss any relevant content. For large result sets, the user can limit his search through the content facets (i.e. author, company names within text, data sources), dynamic query clustering and categorization on the relevant topics.

With the alarm function, also called proactive alerting, the user will be notified of relevant content on their topics of interest when the new data enters the system.

Collaboration is encouraged and happens effortlessly for users through sharing virtual folders with saved searches and favorite documents (bookmarks). Through this explicit sharing and through implicit profiling, specialists can be identified. This all contributes to the flow of information and expertise in the company around people and knowledge groups

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