Web Extractor

Precision, Speed, and Power

When you are building a solution for your customers or internal business unit…

When you need information that will be the foundation for business decisions…

When the values you are calculating on matter and people will see your data…

You need a reliable solution with the

  • Precision to gather what is right,
  • Speed to get it when it is needed, and
  • Power to overcome complex challenges.


The 30 Digits Web Extractor was built from the ground up to gather exactly what is wanted on a page and only goes to the sections of a site where the data required can be gathered. It does this through combining the power of automation and pattern matching of machines with the intelligence and understanding of humans. Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web promise a web world where everything is tagged precisely and according to a universal Ontology. That day has yet to come, but with the Web Extractor, the equivalent can be created for the data you want. Every item on a page and even some in the flowing text can be categorized and tagged into fields. Each of these can be standardized (normalized) across multiple sources. This provides clean and structured information perfect for being delivered to you.

On top of this, there is a great deal of attention given to quality. At each step of the configuration, tests can be made and samples run. It doesn’t stop there though. There is a full analysis of every run (crawl, spider, scrape) which describes step by step how the job has run, how many items (documents, products, articles) it has gathered and what fields have been added.

With this level of precision, you don’t ever have to wonder what was left missing or if a run broke, and post-processing clean up of the data is a thing of the past.



The right information is only going to make the difference in that business decision if it gets to the right person at the right time. The Web Extractor is built to run as often as is needed with any easy to configure user interface for selecting the day of the week, time of day, or even the hour and minute of the run as well as the frequency.

The Web Extractor is also a platform that can scale both horizontally and vertically. It takes advantage of multithreading allowing many processes to run simultaneously on one large system. It also has an architecture which allows instances to be placed across multiple machines even across geographies while they can still be centrally managed.

Regardless of the size or frequency of the task, the Web Extractor has the speed to accomplish it.



Have you ever had a tool which you thought handled your business challenge only to find out later that it was limited in a way that prevented you from delivering? Gathering data from the web is no easy task. The Internet is massive and full of variety. 30 Digits doesn’t just sell the software and look the other way. 30 Digits has an Extraction Team which handles jobs daily facing some of the largest and most complex sites on the web for customers expecting nothing less than data deliveries as if they were coming directly out of a local database.

Based on the years of development, regular customer feedback, and daily use; the Web Extractor handles the most complex sites, structures, navigation, file types, and a multitude of other challenges. The development never stops either. The development team continues to find new and better ways to attack the multitude of challenges updating the software on a regular basis. In short, the 30 Digits Extractor and the team behind it deliver on the most challenging projects.


Final Analysis

If you are looking for a solutions that you can rely upon and allow you to focus on your core business, the Web Extractor is for you. The precision, speed, and power with the excellent team that make them happen are the reason Fortune 500 companies and start-ups building new information platforms choose and remain loyal to the Web Extractor.

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