Bringing the Right Pieces Together

Partners are a key part of our strategy providing world-class solutions and reaching out to a global market with our solutions. Therefore we value them highly working with them closely to provide the highest quality solutions for ultimate customer satisfaction. Some of the main ways we work with partners are as:

  • OEM
  • Channel,
  • Technology
  • System Integration

Learn more about parntering with 30 Digits at the linked pages below:

Following is also a list of many of our partners, what they do, and what they have to say about partnering with 30 Digits.

Antz21 Logo


Channel Partners help us discover new markets and areas. Our cooperation with Antz21 has helped us reach out to the marketing services and business intelligence areas in the DACH region. As these partners know their area best and the needs of their customers, we strive hard to provide them everything they need to be successfully in providing the right solution at the highest quality to the requests of their customers.


Applied Relevance

Our technology partners bring added value from their technology and expertise in specific areas. An excellent example of this is our partnership with Applied Relevance in the US. They have cutting edge taxonomy technology and years of experience developing and consulting taxonomy solutions around medical, financial, and other areas where taxonomies are critical. Their AR.Taxonomy tool now integrates seamlessly with 30 Digits Information Discovery Suite.

Hyperon Logo


30 Digits works with top consulting and technology companies to integrate and support our solutions around the globe. Together with our Greek partner Hyperon, we have built the solution behind one of the leading Aerospace and Defence portals. SIV’s are important to us in serving our customers and reaching new areas.


ISYS Search

ISYS is a global leader in high-performance Enterprise Search and Universal Information Access solutions that go beyond the desktop. 

Our technology boosts business people’s productivity by empowering them to find and extract the information they need, from anywhere in their organization, on any device, in any format and in any language – in a matter of seconds, not hours; all at the click of a button.

Today, ISYS powers more than 16,000 organizations worldwide (e.g. Toyota, VW, Visa, Boeing, Telstra and US Department of Justice), along with many of the world’s leading software vendors including SAP, Sybase (an SAP Company), MarkLogic, Attensity, EMC, HP, Proofpoint, Reveal, Detica, Equivio and InterLegis.

nbsp Logo


nbsp is a leading CMS provider in Germany since 1997 for topic specific publishers with over 150 customers to date.  SiteFusion is their leading product on which they host full featured media websites.  They have imbedded 30 Digits technology into their offerings to take advantage of leading edge search technology applied not only to the user interface but also in support of the editors.  Additionally, through the Web Extractor, a host of web 2.0 and semantic web content can be leveraged to enrich internal content.