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We provide all the necessary services to empower you to get the most out of the Web Extractor

  • Implementation services to install and connect the Web Extractor to your systems
  • Configuration assistance to setup jobs for complex sites or get new ones out quickly
  • Training to get your team equipped to handle everything themselves


Our professional service engineers are highly qualified professionals that are use to working in Fortune 500 companies.  They have implemented our software with the strictest of security measurements and according to stringent tiered deployment methodologies.  If you want assistance in getting the Web Extractor up and running quickly in your environment, we are here to assist.



Two cases tend to arise where configuration assistance can be beneficial.  The first is for those sites where the complexity is outside the norm and so different that it is just not easy to crack.  Our engineers work day in and day out with the Web Extractor on hundreds of sites.  They have the experience, know the tricks for specific sites, and have direct access to the developers who write the software.  With the Web Extractors Export/Import function, they can analyze the current broken configuration and get it back to you in no time. 

The second case is for when you need to have many sites setup quickly and don’t have the resources to do that internally.  Our engineers can get those sites setup in record time and back to you for immediate use.  Then with your staff, you can easily handle the maintenance and future additions and changes while relying on us for those temporary surges.



The Web Extractor is intuitive and easy to use with multiple testing options, logging, and the wizard.  Nonetheless, a training is encouraged for any first time user.  This training will provide insights into the workings of the spider and surface many of the advanced features that might otherwise go unnoticed.  The small investment in training at the beginning will pay off in more efficient configurations and usage of the Web Extractor.  Customer trainings are also available based on your particular sites of interest.

Training for administrators is also available for basic maintenance and backup procedures.

For more information or pricing details, contact us at contact@30digits.com.

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