Hotel Review Spidering & Scraping

30 Digits provides the most complete and high quality review aggregation service available

  • Any site you want for any number of hotels or the whole site
  • Precision details of the hotels and reviews
  • Quality controlled feeds of data assuring only clean content
  • Updated constantly to provide you with the latest information

The hospitality industry is undergoing a revolution with social media and reviews being ever more important in customers decision on where to stay and what to book. 30 Digits has been harvesting hotel details and their reviews for more than four years. Through the years, the process and system has continued to grow and improve. We have the data mining systems and team in place to provide an unprecedented service. Many of the top companies in the hotel review monitoring and management power their systems with the extracted data we provide. Why is this?

  • We provide consistently high quality review data.
  • We integrate seamlessly with other platforms.
  • We deliver the scraped data when and how you want it.
  • We provide direct customer care to answer your questions and fix any issues.
  • We monitor changes on review sites and keep your harvested data flow going without interruption.
  • We deliver a complete solution that you can focus on your customers.

You may already be using another scraping service or spidering technology. We have run head to head comparisons against the other major players in this field and won. We can beat any scraping technology on the combination of quality and price in this field. You may have built up an internal process or review mining system to handle the gathered review and hotel data. Consider the amount spent on maintaining and updating this and the hassles associated with quality control. We remove all of that replacing it with a simple monthly fee that grows with your business. In most cases, it is not only a better quality extraction service, but it is also less expensive. 

Sound to good to be true? Because of our years of experience in this field and handling these spidering and scraping issues for so many customers and on such a large scale, we have efficiencies that are just not possible for any company simply providing this review scraping service for themselves.

Getting curious yet? Contact today. We would love to talk with about assisting with your content review aggegation.

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