Web Extractor

License for Local Integration

Enterprise Web Extraction integrated in your infrastructure with full control.

  • Multi-platform that you can install and integrate t wherever you need
  • Scalabe to handle the most demanding data volumes and speed requirements
  • Easy to use that it can be setup and maintained internally
  • Powerful to harvest whatever data is needed from any site

If you need to have fine control over what, how, and when the Web Extractor works and local integration with your applications, licensing the Web Extractor for internal use is the path for you. 

The Web Extractor is:

  • Available for all major operating systems and hardware
  • Can deliver the data directly into your system be it a search engine, database, XML platform, or other in the format you need.
  • Easy to setup and maintain through an intuitive user interface with tests and a wizard that anyone start using it quickly.
  • Available over a web interface for access anywhere.
  • Has secure access options integrating with AD and LDAP if needed.
  • Is scalable to handle any size of data through a distributed architecture and multi-threading without excessive hardware requirements.
  • Has extensive logging for quality assurance and data analysis.
  • Has the power and flexibility to handle the most complex sites.

See the features section for more of the specific functionalities offered by the Web Extractor

The Services section explains what we offer for implementation, configuration, and training assistance.

If you would like to know more or discuss your requirements, contact us at contact@30digits.com.

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