Web Extractor

Delivering the Internet to you

The Web Extractor is a powerful system used for

  • Harvesting data from the Internet,
  • Enriching it into categorized information nuggets,
  • Structuring and normalizing it for analysis and processing, and
  • Delivering it to the content platform or system of your choice.

Precision, Speed, and Power  

What separates the Web Extractor from other scrapers, harvesters, and spiders? It provides precision to get exactly the content of interest, the speed and architecture to scale to the largest of projects, and the power to get at any date you want no matter the complexity.



For more complex web harvesting, search forms can be filled in, APIs are available, JavaScript can be simulated, the data from sites can be normalized, Named Entity Recognition can be applied, a wizard for quick and easy configuration is available, and many more features.


Delivery & Output

The Web Extractor can deliver the data to your system in a number of formats. It can also write to disk, push directly into a content platform, or search engine. The Output sections describes in detail the ways that the Web Extractor software can integrate into your business processes.


Hosted Service Solution

This full service option is for the customer who is just interested in the results and would rather focus their energies on their core business. We cater directly to this by understanding the requirements and taking care of the rest. We host the servers, setup the configurations, run the jobs, monitor them for changes, make updates, and assure the right information gets transferred at the right time.


License for Local Integration

If you have your own IT personnel to handle configurations and maintenance or need to integrate the solution on site, Licensing is most likely the solution for you. We offer the ability to license the web data extraction software for a one time price or to rent the web scraping tool on a monthly basis.



We provide trainings to learn the ins and outs of the browser based Web Extractor user interface, installation and configuration services, and configuration assistance for setting up new sites quickly and handling the complex ones.

Industry Expertise:

While the Web Extractor can be applied to any topic, there are certain areas that we have gathered industry expertise in through facing the particular challenges of that industry on multiple occasions. The following are a sampling of some of these:

Energy - from smart metering to microgeneration to electric vehicles, we know the sites, the content, and how to keep you informed on the latest trends and new innovations

Real Estate - whether you want to distribute your own site or gather information on property around the world, we can gather it for you and deliver it as you want

Hospitality - hotels, restaurants, and more; we can harvest the web and normalize (standardize) the content no matter how divergent the different sites are in displaying rankings, stars, or locations

Social Media - reviews, Twitter, or Facebook: the information in the social network has become a treasure trove of information to be mined for your market intelligence, and we have the tools and expertise to gather it

Industry expertise can often make the difference in:

Speed - we can setup a full solution and keep pace with changes as fast as you need it.

Quality - valuable data can be a real business asset; garbage feeds are a waste of time and money.

Delivery - our history and experience show a proven track record of shipping the product, not just talking about it.

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